Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hurt and Burnt

Have you ever broken up with someone only to get back together with them a few months later? At first it's all great and maybe even better then it was before. Sex is amazing and you can't seem to remember why you broke up in the first place....Only one day it comes to you? "Oh! I remember why we broke up"

I'm not quite sure if my HR is 189bpm because of the dificulty of the race or the fear factor?

That's what I'm going through with the single speed, and more specifically the 29er.

Now I know I'm gonna get a lot of negative comments about this post. 29ers are the best thing since sliced bread, I'm told. And if it's said on the Internet forums, it must be true. I too believe, in certain situations a 29er and definitely a single speed can be the quickest option.


I'm now hurt, Again...And I'm blaming the fucking 29er!!!!!

At Fair Hill, while grunting up a roller. I hit my pedal on a small stump. This sent me catapulting through the air and shoulder first into a small tree. Even small trees don't give much when you run into them. At first I thought it was no big deal and the pain was just a bruise but as the days went on I realized I either broke a rib or strained the cartilage holding the rib to my spine. This is not the first time for this injury.
 I have a third degree separated shoulder from a crash years ago. My collar bone is no longer attached to my shoulder blade. When I fall on my shoulder now, the ribs take the brunt of the force....Not fun....

Getting back to the 29er Single Speed...

(1) I've not crashed all season on a 26er (8 months). In one month I've been thrown 3 times, with countless close calls on 29er. WTF??? with the bottom bracket height Mr. Bike Industry?

(2) I actually think I'm slower in xc on a ss. Mostly due to the start speeds. This is not true for endurance though where the pacing of the single speed is needed.

(3) Unless I awake on Saturday with some Pat Roberts type "You Are Healed!!" miracle, I'm gonna be pulling out of the Wilderness 101. Sucks!!! 2 years in a row I've donated money and not done this race.

On the plus side...
I've becoming reacquainted with my road bike. Doing a couple weekday crits and even registered for the Tour of the Catskills (3 day stage race).
My mtb season was scheduled to end soon anyway and it kind of sucks that just when I was hitting my stride I get hurt but thanks to the road bike I'll be using my fitness in another way. Maybe getting something I've been missing in my fitness too? Wanna sprint???

Monday, July 9, 2012

Bad Blogger!!!

Windham World Cup!!!!!