Thursday, December 31, 2009

"The dog days of winter"

Winter riding has it's challenges, Make no bones about it. The short dark cold days can get to you if you let them. It's the men who can get through it that have a distinct advantage come spring. Winter riding is not for the faint of heart. I too, often have trouble sticking to "the plan". Like today for instance. Snow is falling, cold as shit and somehow I have to squeeze in a 2hr plus ride. Do I go to the woods? Yesterday the trails were sweet and clear of snow. Today may be different, and you run the risk of not getting any quality riding if the snow is too deep. Do I go on the road? So tired of riding the road. The trainer? I don't think so, save that for really crappy days.
The only thing that keeps me going is that I know I'll be on a plane to Arizona by the end of January. That's only four weeks away. SSUSA here I come....Ready or not.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Did my first ride out of the new digs on Friday. A two hour jaunt, featuring some quad trails, a small piece of the AT (shish) and a very little bit of Wawayanda. The snow was still too deep so I did a lot of hiking but the rain held off so I was happy.
It feels weird riding such sweet trails right down the street. Normally in order to be in the woods I would have to deal with a long car trip, many stops at Dunkin Donuts and inevitably some mall traffic. This was surreal, an almost I could die here feeling. I looked at the sky the first night we were here and ran back in to tell Jocelyn, "I can not only see the stars, I can see whole constellations"
The best part is when I'm done riding the recovery can start Immediately....After the chores that is.....

Monday, December 21, 2009


Been riding from the apartment a lot lately. I don't know if I'm trying to save some gas or maybe just revisiting a few places that I know I'll never ride once I move, but it is nice not loading the car for a ride.
Jocelyn and I maybe ride from home 1 in 10 times. That means a car trip almost every day (sucks).
The house were buying is plopped right in the middle of the trails and roads I ride and I will be able to ride right out of the house (road and Mountain) 100% of the time.... Sweetness
I didn't realize it today when I was riding but we are closing this week, Wednesday they tell me. What this means is today's Lake Hiawatha loop is probably the last ride from East Rutherford. No more city road rides, no more Mills, no more Hilltop (sorry Chris) and no more red lights. I HATE red lights.

By the way; No more laundromats

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stoopid rides

Gerry, prepared to put the hurt on me today with his cheater bike

It seems like every year I make a similar mistake. There is always one ride that shouldn't have been done. Last year I ripped my derailleur of my cyclocross bike deep into "no cell phone coverage zone" many miles from the car with a 20mph wind on a 30deg day and walked on the road back to the car. Embarassing to say the least. The year before was the day after a nor'easter. With rising flood waters, I could do the out but not the back and shivered for hours in a Burger King while Jocelyn came to rescue me.
This year was the Ice Storm ride.

Today started out well enough, well enough for a road ride on a 25 degree day with a chance of rain (mistake). Rain is no problem, sleet and ice is. First two hours went without a hitch good tempo work with a couple of lead outs. Coming out of Harriman in the rain I became aware of a crunchy sound coming from my tires, better be careful I told myself. On Long Meadow road thru Stirling Forest I had the scare of my life. I came down the hill by International Paper at about 35mph completely out of control. The bike was sliding all over and I had to keep telling myself "stay loose, no brakes and no sudden movements". I considered ditching the bike in the snow bank when a salt truck passed me on the opposite side of the road but that would have meant a definite crash and most likely a long limp home. I don't know how but some how I managed to hang on. After that my nerves were shot. I could hardly ride the flats it was so icy and mostly rode on the unpaved shoulder on the downhills. 700 x 23c tires on dirt are not too good but a lot better than on ice. I hang my head in shame because when a passing motorist offered a ride I took it. I was soaked to the bone, covered in ice and shivering when to add to my embarrasment I started to defrost in the warm SUV. I was dripping water and road grime all over the seats. Thanks for the ride, for your hospitality you get a lengthy cleanup in your RX300. No seriously, "Thanks for the ride". Next time I will stick to the trails on a questionable day.

Until next years stoopid ride, that is.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beer Cross Part 2

...LandShark laying out the non-rules...

Between Rossi trying to get "man friendly" at the start and Jocelyn throwing the stiffarm I had no chance, These distractions would compromise my position in the peloton. Like any good cyclocross non-race you can't make up for a bad start...

Check out this write up for a feminine view of the non-race of the year...

By the way, NEVER choose the dizzy bat option!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

N.E.C.S./Dark Horse Beer CX

Jocelyn, prepping for the nonrace

Happy promoter and resident land Shark, C-Dubs

I now know why they call him 3 beer...

Due to a undisclosed "upper body injury" Top Chef didn't race but showed up in costume anyway...

Eventual winner, Free Range Mark Waters

Who would have known Ike doesn't like organic chicken?

"The Mayor"(with antlers) Tackling the barriers...

Run, George, Run

Frosty cold PBR...

Thanks guys, lots of fun on a snowy day...