Sunday, December 6, 2009

N.E.C.S./Dark Horse Beer CX

Jocelyn, prepping for the nonrace

Happy promoter and resident land Shark, C-Dubs

I now know why they call him 3 beer...

Due to a undisclosed "upper body injury" Top Chef didn't race but showed up in costume anyway...

Eventual winner, Free Range Mark Waters

Who would have known Ike doesn't like organic chicken?

"The Mayor"(with antlers) Tackling the barriers...

Run, George, Run

Frosty cold PBR...

Thanks guys, lots of fun on a snowy day...


  1. Simply said.....who has more fun then us!!!! The Non Race of the year and everybody start planning for next year's event.

  2. They do know how to throw a race, or non-race as it were.

  3. That looks like mucho fun was had--love the costumes, but that snow--brrrrr!

  4. snow made it all that much more fun and this will go down as the Non Race of the Year. Drinkers ruled, serious riders suffered!

  5. Your right about the serious riders suffering part, After Joc threw me a stiff arm at the start I never recovered and was pack fill the rest of the day. Oh well....