Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Crunches Blow!!!!!

How I hope to look for Singlespeed-a-palozza in 2010
Gonna rip the cranks off the bike! (your bike that is)

Ab work sucks.....Its boring and I loath the time I spend on the floor doing many sit ups, planks, leg raises and such. Just riding the bike is so much easier, but conventional wisdom will tell you that you can only get so far just riding a bike (pun intended). I have read many articles on training and the general consensus is that cycling just doesn't stress the core muscles enough to make changes in performance. At the end of a long race what hurts the most? Often the lower back. Lower back pain usually equals week core. You do the math.
So here I am on the floor (working my abs) looking for the elusive step to the next level. Will I find it? Who knows. But as sure as shit on shoe I'll try and maybe unleash my inner Hulk in the process....


  1. Hey Mike, looks like the mullet is coming back! S/S-a-palooza is in the works...not to worry. Follow Gilad's workout and you'll either be ready to race or wear tights for Nemaste Yoga!

  2. Monte,

    You want to ride Sunday at Stuart @ 8 for 3-4 hours? Our main man Jesse is moving to CO and we want another good ride with him, we want you to come out for the fun!

    email me at sean@bethelcycle.com if you want to come

  3. You mean you weren't at 100% when you ripped everyone's legs off in 2009?

  4. You better get ready, I hear that Thor - God of Thunder was the first to sign up for Singlespeed-a-Palooza and he intends to bring his hammer with him!