Monday, November 2, 2009

"This sport is stupid"

Somewhere around December I will begin beating my head against the wall.
In my attempt to prepare for the coming season I will endure wet leaves, ice, frozen trails, angry hunters, even angrier drivers and expensive plane tickets. I will use most, if not all of my vacation time to "train" during the worst possible conditions and the coldest weather all for the off chance of a few early season wins. A little glory if you will. My little slice of the pie.
All of this pain for naught it would seem because in starting this early I'm sure to be toast by July. Or maybe August the latest.
So why do I do it? The truth is I love this shit...

"True fitness, It's not a destination its the journey".

The training gives me a purpose and I would not be lying if I said I enjoy it more than the actual racing. I'd be training even if there were no races! No shit! I've been doing it for years.

A couple things I've learned in the last few years.
Number one: In order to be 10% better next year I'll need to do 50% more. Smarter + longer = stronger
Number two: Always have fun doing it. Yeah its hard work but every once in a while you've just got to let it go and just go ape shit giddy.
I'm now unofficially in "training" for Darkhorse beer cross. Watch out C-Dubs..


  1. "this sport is stupid" has got to be the official unofficial motto of team darkhorse racing!!

    love it!

  2. Mike, I have included the baseball bat option just for you. Somehow I think the video of you with your forehead on a bat, running in circles and then trying to ride off is going to provide fantastic entertainment.

  3. I dont know how the baseball bat option will even things out (I've ridden drunk fairly well in the past, I must say). But rest assured I'll be working on my dizzy riding.
    Maybe I'll just bring a crooked bike to make up the difference.

  4. Well I guess it isn't about evening things out for the riders but making it more fun for spectators (read that to be the Mayor).

  5. Rumor has it the mayor may be racing.