Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Choosing your battles...

Whats the chance these will still look good come April?
I've gone and registered for  the Cohutta 100 again.
After last year, I swore this race off. A definite no!!!
I even have stated that I'm not doing any 100's this year.

So what made me change my mind?

Cycling Dirt.

I started to watch the videos of the interviews from last years races and the memories of pain went away. Afterward I was left with only accomplishments. True, I didn't see all the hundreds thru. I bailed on the W101 and everything after it. I burned out. I guess that happens sometimes, but what I'm left with is a hunger to go back. I miss the camaraderie. I miss the 80 miles of pleasantries and 20 miles of cut throat all the hell out racing. I miss the sprint for the line at mile 99.9. I miss the hugs and the crying.

I've been riding my single speed again and loving it. I don't feel very fast but I've been having no trouble logging heavy hours. This made the decision to do Cohutta again easy. How could I not go back? That course handed me my ass last year. I can tell you one thing for shit sure. I'm gonna enjoy it this time.
I'm not saying I'm doing all 100's. Just Cohutta. For now.

I've also made the decision not to race every single weekend this summer like I've done before. I'm looking at every other. This gives me some time to work on my fitness and hopefully have a better summer and fall. I tend to get into a race and recover mode when I do almost no training at all and the fitness suffers. Plus I think I'll look forward to the races more. I'm gonna be missing some races because of this. I'm okay with that. So maybe 15 really good races instead of 25 or so.

I plan on XC Nat's at Bear Creek too. Gonna race the SS there too. Sounds like a plan??? -M

Rigid baby!!!