Monday, August 31, 2009

Mountain biking in N.J.

Once again I have stumbled upon a superfund site. At one time this was the portal to my universe, my mountain bike mecca. Even though the orange fences and inspection wells will not keep me from entering it somehow gives you a uneasy feeling riding here.
Seems like DouchePont, oops I meant to say DuPont has managed to pollute this trailhead with some sort of chemicals most likely seeping into the soil courtesy of the plant a block away. This soccer field was once used by kids playing, so many that on a weekday afternoon you could hardly park to access the trail. Now it is just another cleanup site. I wonder how the residents of Barbara Dr. in Pompton Lakes are taking the news, the chemicals have surely found their way into the basements and crawlspaces as well. Glad I didn't buy that house on the corner I was looking at a few years ago.
One other site that is famous in the Ringwood area is the Ford paint sludge dumping operation. Seems Ford payed the mafia in the 60s and 70s to get rid of their waste and the mob just dumped it in the abandoned mines scattered around Ringwood. more on that here.
Oh well I guess that's living in New Jersey, The garbage state

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Have fun, Stay single"

Rain! What rain?

Registered for Shenandoah in the single speed class. Must be out of my mind. 100 miles on a rigid single gear machine sounds like a lot but I'm doing it because I just want to be able to let my mind be free. Plus this past weekend after spending some time with my SS (getting reacquainted with a old friend) How could I go with the gears?
This post almost started as a top ten reasons why a single kicks ass but I will spare all of you the agony of my thoughts and just give the tippy top reason.
(1) Cleanup is a breeze

The lack of maintenance on a rigid single is a treat after a 6 hour day

Just blast it with the hose and lube the chain. maybe 5 minutes tops..

Remember kids: Ride it like ya stole it, then put it away dirty...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Darkhorse 40 recap

This weekend started well enough with Jocelyn's mom, brother and niece coming in from Ohio on Friday. I opted out of the jaunt to the Statue of Liberty on Saturday knowing that being on your feet for many hours in the 95* heat the day before the biggest race of the year is probably not a good idea. In the end I wish I would have gone.
Sunday morning warming up I felt good enough, the legs felt somewhat snappy and the bike was working flawlessly. What could go wrong?
My start was good just sitting in at third wheel, trying to conserve as much energy as possible. Jesse up front, Jason Sayer second and me. For the first lap I was hanging on as best as I could getting gaped a little here and there as Jesse and Jason drove the train. Going into the second lap I ended up in front and probably gave a little more than I should have, because as soon as I let up a little they went by and I had nothing left to respond. The thoughts of just sitting down and hanging out for the rest of the day crept into my head shortly after and coming around on the second lap I pulled the pin. That's it, day over, I sat down with the family and tried to make up for the fun I missed on Saturday. In the following hours I consumed 1 half chicken, a pound of pasta salad, about 14 ice pops (did I mention It was F*ing hot out), and like 12 iced teas.
The 2009 Darkhorse 40 was a lot of fun, but not for the racing (at least for me) It was fun because of the people that were there.
Thanks everyone, This is why we race.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hopefully we will have something in common....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ikehorse 40 preride

My photoshop skills are weak, I know

Sweet stuff. Went out on Saturday with Gerry and Chris to preride the 40 and the impression is while mostly everyone I talk to think the times will be slower than last year this course is more fun. Yes that's right more fun, gone are the long sections of road in between single track sections and believe it or not the course is (on Saturday at least) 99% dry. I'm not sure on the elevation changes as far as the gps crowd is concerned but my impression is there is more climbing than previous years. Maybe not more climbing total but there are three somewhat sustained climbs of note and it seems like a few less short punchy climbs. If I was riding a single this race the gearing would be a tough choice. I have historically have gone 2x1 or better at Stewart but I might be inclined to go a little lighter for this one. Then again you may not want to take my word for it because I haven't been on my single in a couple month's and my course reading skills may be a bit off.
Hats off to the guys over at Darkhorse for getting the trails in shape after the gallop, that must have been a monumental task. And I'll see everyone on Sunday. Bright and early

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I've been working on the railroad....

...It's so busy today...
Recently I took a longer assignment at work in order to pay for some recent purchases. Although It may be great for my fitness but getting off at one just doesn't pay the bills. So a overtime job came up for bid and I went for it. Surprise surprise its mine till October or if I get bumped whatever comes first. I'm now home at five on the bike till eightish, eat, in bed at ten, sleep till four thirty. Wash, rinse and repeat, Wash, rinse and repeat. Wash, rinse and repeat. Talk about the rat race. Shit, I'm so glad I don't do this year round cause I'd probably just shoot myself.

Enough of the negative. The other side of the coin is my workouts have been killer seems like when I'm short on time the intensity goes way up, (great for this time of year). Ive actually was able to get some very high quality rides this week and even some intervals. Intervals HURT so bad and I've been "stealing" a little extra rest at work when I can, sleeping almost every chance I get in the dingy recliners at the break room. (tried to get a pic but its too dark).

Ahhh the life of a railroader, It ain't glamorous but it pays the bills.....

One of my coworkers. He rides a unicycle and actually brought a skunk to work one morning as part of his backyard catch and release program, nice huh