Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Have fun, Stay single"

Rain! What rain?

Registered for Shenandoah in the single speed class. Must be out of my mind. 100 miles on a rigid single gear machine sounds like a lot but I'm doing it because I just want to be able to let my mind be free. Plus this past weekend after spending some time with my SS (getting reacquainted with a old friend) How could I go with the gears?
This post almost started as a top ten reasons why a single kicks ass but I will spare all of you the agony of my thoughts and just give the tippy top reason.
(1) Cleanup is a breeze

The lack of maintenance on a rigid single is a treat after a 6 hour day

Just blast it with the hose and lube the chain. maybe 5 minutes tops..

Remember kids: Ride it like ya stole it, then put it away dirty...


  1. So ya 34 X 16 at SMT100 should be good, that's what I'd recommend...ya. Kidding, go LOW.

    But seriously, if you can put a suspension fork on your SS, do it! Rigid you may end up standing on the side of the trail wringing out your hands toward the end there. Of course this is coming from a guy that can't ride a rigid bike to the bar without his hands going numb.


  2. zero maintenance is a wonderful thing. good to see you're in the interworlds mike.

  3. Great to have you back in the club. We were worried we lost you for good. Are you going to race 909 this weekend? Same corse as our 12 hour race.

  4. SM100, so no 909 for me, I did sell out slightly though (In the form of a suspension fork).