Monday, August 31, 2009

Mountain biking in N.J.

Once again I have stumbled upon a superfund site. At one time this was the portal to my universe, my mountain bike mecca. Even though the orange fences and inspection wells will not keep me from entering it somehow gives you a uneasy feeling riding here.
Seems like DouchePont, oops I meant to say DuPont has managed to pollute this trailhead with some sort of chemicals most likely seeping into the soil courtesy of the plant a block away. This soccer field was once used by kids playing, so many that on a weekday afternoon you could hardly park to access the trail. Now it is just another cleanup site. I wonder how the residents of Barbara Dr. in Pompton Lakes are taking the news, the chemicals have surely found their way into the basements and crawlspaces as well. Glad I didn't buy that house on the corner I was looking at a few years ago.
One other site that is famous in the Ringwood area is the Ford paint sludge dumping operation. Seems Ford payed the mafia in the 60s and 70s to get rid of their waste and the mob just dumped it in the abandoned mines scattered around Ringwood. more on that here.
Oh well I guess that's living in New Jersey, The garbage state

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