Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ikehorse 40 preride

My photoshop skills are weak, I know

Sweet stuff. Went out on Saturday with Gerry and Chris to preride the 40 and the impression is while mostly everyone I talk to think the times will be slower than last year this course is more fun. Yes that's right more fun, gone are the long sections of road in between single track sections and believe it or not the course is (on Saturday at least) 99% dry. I'm not sure on the elevation changes as far as the gps crowd is concerned but my impression is there is more climbing than previous years. Maybe not more climbing total but there are three somewhat sustained climbs of note and it seems like a few less short punchy climbs. If I was riding a single this race the gearing would be a tough choice. I have historically have gone 2x1 or better at Stewart but I might be inclined to go a little lighter for this one. Then again you may not want to take my word for it because I haven't been on my single in a couple month's and my course reading skills may be a bit off.
Hats off to the guys over at Darkhorse for getting the trails in shape after the gallop, that must have been a monumental task. And I'll see everyone on Sunday. Bright and early


  1. I don't know how you push such a big gear, but you do. Even if you went "Light" like a 34x18, you'd still be running a taller gear than everyuone you beat @ SS-a-polooza.

  2. Sounds like I picked the right gear. Thanks! See you Sunday.

  3. Oh god, another week of waffling over gear selection. Sounds like you're not going Single eh?


  4. the first 10 min of singletrack should give you a good idea for gearing, the terrain at stewart is fairly consistant. so not too many suprises....