Friday, September 4, 2009

Wanna save some money, Kid

Second WTB laserlite disk hub casualty in a two week span. When am I gonna learn? Sometimes you get what you pay for. Repeat after me: A single speeder should never "cheap out" on a rear hub.
So now Im off to SM100 with a 40 pound rear wheel. Surly hub, Straight guage spokes and a screw on ACS BMX freewheel. This is my bombproof winter setup. Did I mention the bolt on axel? Now I have to carry a socket set for a hundred miles. Sweet.
Oh, and I'm stuck with a 34X19 so there surly be some walking in my future.
Sounds like fun...


  1. I hope it stays dry! Those ACS freewheels is some noisy sums-o-bitches with the slightest moisture. Can't believe you can tolerate one through the Winter.
    Good Luck!

  2. Um, I thought you were racing the Smooshy geared bike? Whaa Haapened?

    Even Chris King hubs are better than those WTB lemons.

    Good luck out there man, you'll be way up on that SS podium.


  3. at least you'll have that lovely acs metronome to pace you up the hills in a hypnotic trance.