Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off season training, Balboa style...

Every season In the spring I come in feeling great. Super strong on and off the bike. A full winter of crosstraining ie: lifting weights, Snowshoeing, rollerblading, trail running as well as riding has me fit, strong and ready to go.
But somewhere around April just about when the "real" racing is about to begin the workouts change. Slowly the crosstraining is phased out replaced by more race specific riding..

By June I've become one dimensional, Only able to ride a bike well...

By September I always regret this...

This Saturday Gerry and I took steps to change this.
Not wanting to waste money on joining the gym this year we cleared a large space in the woods behind his house for our "gym". It's crude, I know, but it's free and if you decide to quit after only a few months there are no contracts to break and best of all no stories to make up about being out of town "taking care of your sick aunt's cats in Wichita". Besides that who wouldn't want to be outside?

..Bench..(for abs, chest or whatever else I can dream up)

..Pullup bar..

..Step up station..(for lateral stepups, jump squats, etc.)

We also have a Farmers walk station where you pick up a large weight walk it up a trail only to return and a large flat rock for squat thrusts, cleans and shoulder work.
My first workout was on Wednesday followed by a thirty minute trail run and man I'm sore. I'm looking forward to getting back in shape. Its all about changing it up.

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