Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Frustration station

Buying a house, Maybe? Maybe not....
Seems like a good time to make a purchase. Interest rates are low, prices are low and sellers seem desperate.
Make appointments,talk to Lawyers, Realtors, Inspectors and mortgage agents.
Found a house, offer accepted, Blah Blah Blah....
Wow those closing costs seem high..... Whats that? I thought you said no points! Whats that? I thought you said no P.M.I.!
Kaboom!!! Deal falls apart... Mostly due to the fact that I refuse to take it in the REAR..Oh well. I'll try again tomorrow. My dream house awaits me. It's out there somewhere.

On a lighter note I have begun foundation work for 2010, and its painful. Seems my mind still wants to put the hammer down but the body is unwilling. Going by years past it usually takes about a week or so to "find my pace".
I know its a little early to start training but the job situation is right (getting done at 1pm, sweet!), the body knows when its time (I'm getting a little doughy around the middle) and the mind is ready. So lets go.

Coming soon: Goals for 2010...

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