Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Beer Cross Part 2

...LandShark laying out the non-rules...

Between Rossi trying to get "man friendly" at the start and Jocelyn throwing the stiffarm I had no chance, These distractions would compromise my position in the peloton. Like any good cyclocross non-race you can't make up for a bad start...

Check out this write up for a feminine view of the non-race of the year...

By the way, NEVER choose the dizzy bat option!


  1. Just tried the video, but it said it was not available--guess I gots no option but to get back to work! ;o)

  2. Sweet SS T's, genghis khan, Will order soon for sure....

  3. You took your beating like a sober man. Face it I stacked the rules to favor the drinker, not the racer! Glad you had a good time and the truth will be out soon.

  4. Okay, video works--thanks for the laugh and here's hoping that video isn't the first introduction to life from another planet! ;o)

    As to our SS Ts, thanks and feel free to buy a loadful! ;o)

    Peace and Happy Holidays/Trails!