Monday, December 28, 2009


Did my first ride out of the new digs on Friday. A two hour jaunt, featuring some quad trails, a small piece of the AT (shish) and a very little bit of Wawayanda. The snow was still too deep so I did a lot of hiking but the rain held off so I was happy.
It feels weird riding such sweet trails right down the street. Normally in order to be in the woods I would have to deal with a long car trip, many stops at Dunkin Donuts and inevitably some mall traffic. This was surreal, an almost I could die here feeling. I looked at the sky the first night we were here and ran back in to tell Jocelyn, "I can not only see the stars, I can see whole constellations"
The best part is when I'm done riding the recovery can start Immediately....After the chores that is.....


  1. Mike, where are you storing your venison, and moonshine? We hear Jocelyn signed up for a beaver pelt preparation course to make us all hats for next season!

  2. Congratulations. Riding to a ride is the best.