Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Pumpkin Run"

Skipped the Heart of the Highlands for a more local race, the Rutherford "Pumpkin run". Drive an hour for a 20 minute workout or do one that I can walk to? Kind of a no brainer, Right?
Left the house about 9:50 for a 10:30 start.
Joc and I walked down to registration and after a short warm up the gun goes off.

Who's that guy with the freakishly huge legs?
Looking nothing like a good runner.
In the pain cave.
Normally envious, Joc was happy to be a spectator today.

My time for the 3 miles was 17:32 and I finished 6th overall. For the non runners that's a 5:51 average mile. Not bad, even if I say so myself.
Don't get me wrong, this race was painful. Just as painful as the 100 miler but in a different way (a puke in your mouth way).
As I write my legs seem to be getting increasingly sore, think I'll be feeling this one for a while.

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