Thursday, January 21, 2010

-Stoopid plans 2010-

After much thought (about 10 minutes) I have set my schedule for 2010.
There are a number of changes from the past years plans.
You may notice the endurance theme later in the year. This is because the shorter races in the past have burned me out by August, why fight it? Long races are fun, too.
Most of the races I picked were picked because of field size. I purposely left some races out (even though the courses are fun) because they just don't pull large enough fields. This in no way is a knock on anyone or any particular series, I just like the bigger fields better.
At the time I'm writing this I will be putting my toe on the line in about a week. January 30th is the earliest in the year I've ever started racing and there is no better place to start than Arizona...
Check back sometime in July to see if I'm still as enthusiastic.

White Tanks 1/30
Branchbrook #1 3/6
Branchbrook #2 3/13
Michaux Mash 3/14
Johnny Cake #1 3/20
Johnny Cake #2 3/27
Fairhill 4/11 or Hop Brook Dam 4/10
Fat Tire classic 4/18
Single Speed a Palozza 4/25
High Point Hill Climb 5/1 ????
Wawayanda Spring Cleaning 5/2
Iron Hill 5/23 or Winsted Woods 5/23
Mohican 100 6/5
Bulldog Rump (AMBC)7/11
Fair Hill Classic 7/18
Darkhorse 40 8/1
Wildcat Epic 8/7 8/8
Shenandoah 100 9/5
Vermont 50 9/26
A little inside joke or a riddle if you will:

"sand bagger alert:
sport single speed is meant for SPORT riders....competing in the 8 day absa cape epic in South Africa (on a rigid SS), well that's a bit beyond the grasp of a sport racer, I think everyone will agree.....nobody likes a sand bagger."

Who is this comment author speaking of?
What race are they talking about?
Ice cold PBR for correct answers....
50 lashings for incorrect ones....


  1. Hell hath no fury like a sport racer scorned! Not to worry W*****R, Dark Horse has your back...

  2. rider is me and the race is the Absa Cape Epic (Cape Epic is incorrect)although the author is too much of a douche to a)look at the results and see how far down my team finished b)realize that riding the Cape Epic is no different then riding your bike for 8 days and c) to shut the douche up I now race under various pseudonyms at singlespeed races

  3. and I will pass on the PBRs, I have too many left over from Beer Cross

  4. Pass on the PBRs? I dont even know you anymore!

    If it's on mtbr it MUST be true....Right?

  5. I'm not to sure about that. Rumor is there is a post that predicted the second coming of Christ at Beer Cross disguised as Mike Davidson.