Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just playing around

The perfect flickable machine...I forgot how fast you can ride on a geared bike, and how much fun a 26er can be.
"Borrowing" Jocelyn's Vicious Cycles Metal Guru for the last couple days has been fun. Flying through rooty corners on the Vicious with it's telepathic handling and nervous trail manners makes me wonder why I ever went 29er. Coming home with a smile on my face I told her "It's just a super fun machine to ride". She agrees. The Vicious is definitely a East Coast bike, built by a local frame builder from New Paltz N.Y.
Guess what kiddies? we live on the East Coast, not Marin County Ca.
Just wondering what ever became of Vicious Cycles. Lots of rumors floating around, hope Carl can pull it out and give us a alternative to the big three. I'm getting kind of tired seeing the same bikes over and over...


  1. You know where I would steer you for sweet ride.

  2. I hope the rumors are not true either about Carl...It would be a shame to lose another long term builder here on the East Coast

  3. "It's just a super fun machine to ride"
    That's what she said