Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bulldog Rump

Kittatinny and I have this love hate thing going on. Preparing for the Bulldog Rump in the weeks before has always went well. Race day has always been another story. Three years ago, after the race I had to sleep in the car before driving home (yes I was that beat up). Two years ago, my crank arm fell off (DNF). Last year I flatted in the fifth lap with about two miles to go, only to fix it and flat again about fifty feet later (DNF). So when my Saturday morning road ride was rained out and against better judgement I decided at the last minute to try my fate again. Jocelyn's mom was visiting, so with no idea what time the race was even starting, how many laps, or even a inkling on what gearing to run I head out alone. The drive over had a weird feel to it, kind of like when I drive up to Phoenix to do a race (from my moms house in Tucson). Radio blasting and not a care in the world, It felt like I'd step out of the car and not even know anyone. Just like the early season races in Arizona. I had no anxiety about the race at all. How could I have anxiety? I haven't done a race in over a month, haven't even thought about it, and definitely have done zero prep work for this one. Hell, if it weren't for the rain I wouldn't even be here.
Feeling way relaxed, I pulled to the line. Looking across I see there's a dozen or so pros lined up. The gun goes off and the pace seems slow but I'm not complaining. I follow Brian Lariviere's (Team Bulldog) wheel and am sitting about 6th. Watching a small group float away, I don't chase. Before long I see Maurice (MTBNJ) flatted as well as a short time later a Scott bikes sponsored rider. Cool, sitting 4th with 3 laps to go is good. I pull back Matt Miller (Giant bikes) and we go back and forth for a while. Feeling good, I take the lead from Matt and begin to chase for 2nd place. I catch the Alan bikes rider going into the final lap and don't even hesitate to dispatch him. It seemed like everyone was cheering going into the final lap so I get a little shot of adrenalin and now believe I can win. It's all up to Jordan. If Jordan Kahlenberg (Giant bikes) cracks at all I will catch him. I dream about sprinting it out at the end with Jordan. I'm on a mission. I feel like I can not lose....
Unfortunately I only got a look of Jordan in the final field. He finished about a minute in front of me.
The weather was great, the course was awesome and second place was a lot of fun today....

Jordan's write up on the giant site