Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kenda Cup East at Bear Creek

All fueled up and ready to go...

Ominious clouds blanket the mountain for the day two XC race...

First off, if you have never been to Bear Creek for an event you must check it out soon. The hotel, lodge and venue are second to none. It's just what a mountain resort should be like. The trails, well they are challenging to say the least. You can make a trip here anytime to ride these trails (just check in at the lodge first). I'd recommend a suspension bike for the ultra technical trails. Of course I opt for the rigid single-speed. I like it hard.

I was hanging by the Giant tent pre-race when one of the juniors asked me...
Puzzled looking Kid: "Why would you chose to ride that bike here? What do you hope to prove by riding a bike with one gear and no suspension?"

Me: "Because in riding this archaic torture device at such a technical course I get to make the competition feel even worse about themselves if I beat them."

Puzzled looking Kid: "Really?"

Me: "Yeah!!!"....(under my breath) "Nahh it just goes up hill really fast."

Matt Miller (Giant Mid-Atlantic) must have overheard this conversation because even after my best effort to put enough time into him on the climb he still abused me like a stepchild on the downhill. Finishing just a few seconds in front of me. Enough for his 8th place, I finished 9th. The cross country in the rain was a blast, bringing back memories of my first years of training (when I used to ride in the rain more often).

The real story for me was the short track...
Short track is awesome!!! Every event should have a ST Saturday. Full on for 20 minutes with the guy in front who you can never catch and the guys behind doing the same to you. It's predator and prey all wrapped into one. You're the predator, and the prey. Eat or be eaten. Do or die. Just awesome. My heart rate was through the roof the entire time. I haven't gone that hard in quite a while.

The Super D...
Lets just say, I should have taken the time to pre-ride the course..

What would a trip to Bear Creek be without a stop at T-town?

The rain kept me from enjoing some sweet roadie SS action...
Single Gear God!!!

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