Monday, January 30, 2012

Wake up call....

OTB in the creek,

First of all....If your not having fun, it's just not worth it...

Gerry said to me sometime last week "What the hell ever happened to all of us just riding together?"
It's true... There was a time when you could just show up at a ride. It didn't matter what jersey you were wearing or what shop you were representing. Roadie or mtb'er. Or what clique you belonged to. Mtb rides of over 20 were common and these rides were fun.
Gone are those days. Everybody seems to be worried about series points or specific training intervals. Or worried about burning out too early. At what point did it become a sound training strategy to isolate yourself for months at a time all while staring at a power tap? No amount of intervals replaces the pain of hammering to keep up with a group or drilling it on a climb to maintain your position. When was the last time you felt the stress of having to "make" something or get the hell out of the way quick? Not by yourself, that's for sure.
Riding with others is fun and having fun keeps you interested and fresh. Going into a race season it's better to be having a good time and to be motovated than to be super tuned and completely burnt.
On Sunday I headed up to Ct. to meet with Charles, Josh and James. We played a little. Some on the bike fartlek. The trails at Case Mountain are sweet and to be with some like minded people for the day was refreshing. This is what it's all about.

This past week has taught me plenty. And I feel wide awake now:-)


  1. What a great way to start your season. Having a good attitude and having fun will help you to get faster too. Oh shit...

  2. Seems to me you guys have it all figured out pretty well up there.