Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Make Lemonade!!!!

It's been a great winter thus far. I'm back riding my single speed and having a great time doing it. I seem to have wonderful people around me who are interested in doing the same. The days are ticking by and dare I say the sub 20deg temps don't even seem that bad. I'm not even in a rush to race this year, probably because it's been so much fun training again.

So what has changed????

Only my mindset... I'm not thinking about training for racing now. I'm training to be healthy and athletic. Happy and fast seems to be following close behind. I know I'll be fast because of what I've been doing, and if I'm not, than so be it. This season I'm not committing to sponsors or any series or anything else. I'm committed to having fun! I'm committing to being in the best shape I can possibly be in! I'm really looking forward to enjoing it. It's not a job and it shouldn't be a huge struggle to ride. Who wants to win 10 races and be miserable to place 2nd somewhere? A total failure!! I've been there....

 I don't follow Facebook anymore. Never been a big fan of Strava either. Don't care much to see if you're doing less, or more. Either way it could potentially bum me out. I'm doing what I'm capable of, and if it's not enough than so be it. I don't watch the weather either. I have all the tools to get a great workout no matter what happens in the world. I will use them to the best of my ability.

 In other words.. "When given lemons, I'm gonna make lemonade"     -M

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