Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Closet single speeder?

After not riding a Singlespeed since last years SSAP, Josh Wilcox (503 cycleworks) laid major smack down on many New England bigs.
Whats up with that?
Conventional wisdom would tell you that even a gearie as talented as Josh when thrown into the biggest Singlespeed race on the east coast should not do as well as Third. Not against the Mighty SBC. Surely not against Foco or Stine. Not to mention Dejay Birtch. But he beat them all.....Hmmmm
I tried to get info about this phenomenon after Singlespeed-a-palooza but Josh just smiled. Has James rubbed off on Josh like some kind of osmosis or something?
Na, I'll tell you what I think....Josh is a closet Singlespeeder, riding his single all winter and probably as much as possible in the spring, Josh has developed into a Singlespeed threat. Coupled with James a possible double threat...probably not a good thing for me since I race these guys often. Put this guy on a 29er and we may all be in trouble. Will Josh be racing a single in the future? Any thoughts?


  1. I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that his fixie gets some serious miles in the Litchfield hills in winter. (Don't worry, Josh, I won't tell all the Cycleworx secrets.)

    I think you have officially guilted him into going SS.

  2. Give Josh any bike and he will rule. Maybe the gears are holding him back?

  3. them cycleworks boys know something the rest of us have yet to figure out.