Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weak as a kitten???

A season of racing will always do it. The tell tail signs are there. Moaning while lowering yourself to the couch, unable to pick things up that you've dropped, aches and pains. A sit up or a push up seems a million miles ago. Hell, even on the bike I'm not as chipper as I should be. It happens every year. De-conditioning!! A dirty word.

Selene Yeager (Bicycling magazine's fit chick) said: "Amazing how you can get fit and weak simultaneously" Don't know how it happens, but it does.

For the next three months I'll be attempting to become athletic again. Today is a 15min "jog" in the woods and a yoga type tape. Not a lot, but I know from experience to take it slow and easy for a while. Soreness tends to be high with these workouts and with good cardio fitness I tend to get a little crazy, often doing too much too soon.

Does this mean you wont see me on the bike or even at a race here and there this fall? Not at all, but these rides and races will be secondary to becoming a fit and flexible athletic person again. 2012 will bring new challenges and the prep begins now, off the bike....

Happy trails....


  1. So happy to read this Mike. I've had such a mixed bag this year of feeling fitter than ever on the bike and also weaker than ever at times. Definitely growing pains. I've been thinking the same thing... get back to yoga, pilates, balance... work slowly back in to flexibility and strength. Let the bike sit a little bit during the week and make friends with hips, glutes and back.

  2. I think you should get your running in during cross season!

  3. Where did you get that picture of Mike Davidson?