Tuesday, June 5, 2012

SS'er for a day....Sort of???

Photo: Thom Parsons, Cycling Dirt
Started front row this time. Didn't want to get caught up in the craziness of 600 plus riders all going for the $200 dollars at the top of the first hill. I didn't even know where the prime was won, I just go with the old adage that if you are not passing people you're going too slow. That put me right behind Jordan Wakeley (he won the $200) going into the first single track. I rode well for the first 20 miles in a group, running in the top 15 or so at this point. When I stopped at aid one to top off my bottles (mile 20) a bunch of guys rolled by, including N.U.E. SS champ Gerry Pflug. I made a couple dicey passes to get on his wheel and parked myself there for the rest of the opening 33 miles of singletrack. Gerry always finishes well overall and I know if I just stay on his wheel, I will too. So I follow him like I'm marking him. After a short time I realize that I haven't shifted in quite sometime. I'm riding like a singlespeeder, only I'm on a fully. Gerry stands, I stand. Gerry coasts, I coast. Gerry walks, I walk. I'm staying with Gerry and I'm not letting him out of my sight. Hell, If he pulls over to take a piss, I'm pulling over too. This style seems to be having a calming effect on me. I'm enjoying myself. Matt Ferrari and Dwayne Goscinski (both SS riders too) are with us also, so when I look back and Gerry is no longer there, I decide I'm staying with these two from now on. Just before Aid 3, Ron Harding catches us. He had a bad start and is looking to make up some time so he rolls on through. I race Ron at the M.A.S.S. series and the fire ignites in me as I take up with him on what turns out to be the race saving move of the day for me. The next 60 miles or so we ride together, helping each other and keeping us motivated. At some point I decided "I'm working for Ron". It kept me going when I really wanted to sit up. We never pulled SS winner Justin Pokrivka back for Ron but he finished strong with a second place in the SS anyway. Oh! and me, I managed a 7:20 and a 12th place overall. I'm pretty happy with that....

Arriving home on Sunday we instantly cracked open the laptop and secured 2 spots for Lumberjack...
Guess who's coming to the singlespeed party?


  1. Wait....Pflug WALKS sections!! Hell I'm more pro than I thought. ha
    Congrats on 12th and it was nice meeting you on Saturday

  2. I'm kind of jealous of your races guys. I've looked into singlespeed races where they get some recognition and there are none except the UK single speed champs.....which is more of a beer festival with bikes a second thought.

    Looks like I'll have to wait till next years 12 or 24 hr European champs.


  3. It was great working together during that race. I never would have gotten through that "tow-path" section without you and that Gibson guy. Nice job out there. Still thinking about making Lumberjack work, may not be in the cards though. If I don't see you out there, have fun and good luck.

  4. Good ride man! Sounds like you had fun on your FS SS ;-)

  5. Great job Monte!!!
    If you're going to be working for a singlespeeder I have a suggestion for you...