Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homeward bound...

Took my last desert ride today. Nine miles over to the SSUSA course, did a lap on the 35x18 then rode home. Sixty five miles total. I don't ever count miles, They're relative. Thirty miles at home could take 4 hours. Today's ride took 5. Go figure? or don't...
The feeling of dread has been building all week. The realization that my annual trip to Arizona that normally brings me back to Jersey by late February (a week or two from spring) this time will time bring me back February 13th. With at least four more weeks of northeast winter to go (FU Punxsutawney Phil) I have to bear down and pray the next few weeks are kinder than the rest of the winter has been. Riding lots of hours in 20* weather and snow sucks but that's what is in store for me. Ya see I made my bed and now it's time to lay in it.
For those that remember the 80's classic, American Flyer's. "RES FIRMA MITESCERE NESCIT" Loosely translated to "once you've got it up, keep it up". Thanks John Amos.
There is no backing off now. Just keep pushing ahead. Soon it will all get warmer..... And then we'll become one with the MUD!

See you at the Mash....

Reggie,(warm inside) enjoying the snow from his window.

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