Saturday, February 6, 2010

SSUSA Tucson, AZ

I always suck at lemans starts! It seems like I can never find my bike and then spend the next 5 minutes trying to catch up. This lemans start was no different. By the time I was reunited with my machine the lead pack was a hundred yards away and already around one of the many switchbacks on the opening climb. I worked my way up through the field to the front group dragging Niner pro rider Tim Allen with me. Last year at the Estrella hedgehog hustle, Tim went flying by me fast enough to make my head spin (he had gears) en route to the eventual win (I got fourth). This year was different. The lead group had about 9 riders including John (Fuzzy) Mylne (Niner Bikes) among others. There was a acceleration from Tim, splitting the group and dropping his teammate Fuzzy. Often when the pace slows a little after a acceleration there is a counter move and this time was no different. Climbing well within in my range I went with this move. Dax Massey (Bach Builders) and yours truly off the front 10 minutes into the race. The pace vehicle goes by shortly after and someone screams out of the window "Don't you guys watch the Tour De France? The initial break never stays away". We yelled back "yeah but they get the best photo ops". Dax and I worked together to lengthen the gap and after about a hour of racing had it to only about a minute. The 3 mile climb up to high Chiva would finally break the spirits of the chase group but unfortunately put me into the red zone and with not much intensity in my legs as of late I found some slight cramps beginning. Still hanging with Dax we worked our way back up the road into the final section of the race. This section would prove to be the most challenging with short punchy climbs, tough technical descents and so many small drops and roll offs my arms will be sore for weeks. Dax would get a gap on me here and there wasn't anything I could do about it. I was now in survival mode. The efforts to get rid of the rest of the field proved successful but at a cost. I was cracking. Keeping the gap respectable (mostly due to my preride of this ultra technical trail) I rolled into the finish 2 minutes behind Dax for a sweet 2nd place.
It was nearly 15 minutes before third would come in...

Later, the party was kicking and Dejay announced "who ever wants to host next years event, pick a partner and sign up". I picked my new bud Keith from Massachusetts and we proceeded through many heats to make it to a tug of war finals against a team from Colorado...
Sorry George, SSUSA is not coming to Rock Tavern, N.Y. next year.
So close but yet so far. Maybe if I didn't ride as hard I would have had something left for the match.

Racing for Dark Horse has made me somewhat of a minor celebrity. Seems like everyone knows of our kooky little team from N.Y.
The guys from Dales Pale Ale say hi...
James, Very happy with his 5th place finish

Ha Ha, your bike isn't that big after all (think 36er)

Many pizzas were consumed

And a good time was had by all...


  1. Congratulations!
    But SSUSA in NY? What about the snow?

  2. Incredible! Dude you left a mere mortal and will be returning as a God!



  3. Hey that Stewart training finally paid off...All I can say is "Fuzzy...who?"

  4. Ahhhh Bromance at the SSUSA. Is Jocelyn jealous of the new man in your life! Nice job on the overall.

  5. He'd better hang on to that one. I'm not too impressed with the new look! A kinder, gentler, hairier Monte will return from AZ...

  6. Monte, corrected the spelling. Sorry about that one

  7. Mike, I'll handle this one for you...W*****R, you moron! Any time Monte!