Friday, March 2, 2012

Just call me shorty....

A hazing incident capped off last weeks ride. Urinal flavored recovery cakes anyone?
Yeah, I'm in the land of the Grand Canyon right now, but I keep reflecting back to last weekends team ride at Allamuchy. Actually a lot of this winters rides have been great for many reasons, more on that some other time. The reason why I'm looking back is because it's been my dream of mine for quite a while to be involved in making racing in New Jersey a much more competitive venture. I like to travel to races and one of the things I hear over and over again is "why are there not a lot of strong guys from N.J.?" I'm embarrassed by this. We have the best trails in the country. Lets represent!! Correct me if I'm wrong but my thought is, we avoid each other...We need to work together to make ourselves stronger. This is why it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have teamed up with the strong men of team BTR. It's about the rides, races and working together to make sure we all hit the podium. Lots of raw talent I see over here. Bicycle Tech Racing plus my existing sponsors Tomac Bikes, Gu energy, Schwable and Industry Nine I see a great 2012 ahead for us all....

BTRVTC26DIV2012.......Dominance in sexy Italian shoes!!!!

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  1. We are really psyched to have you on our team.