Monday, July 27, 2009

Go Right for the frying pan......... Left for the Fire

My weekend started off with a trip to Jungle Habitat on the new full squishy machine. Chris had some tires I wanted to swap with him and vice-versa and we figured we could get a good ride in also. Jungle Habitat in the 70s was a drive through safari that was abandoned and the animals were rumored to have been left behind. Nice.....Jungle Habitat today is turning into a mountain bike mecca with about 10 miles of legal single track and many miles of "illegal" connectors to Ringwood and Norvin Green state forest. After riding the legal stuff for a while we played dumb and rode (hiked) some of the illegal stuff. I say hiked because that's exactly what we did, this shit was gnarly. Ride 25 feet than walk-crawl 100, real back country adventure. you dont want to get hurt in there boys and girls! At some point we popped out on Greenwood lake Turnpike and being inspired by watching the tour I convinced Chris into a lap around the lake on the road. All in all the new machine was a joy to ride especially on the rough downhills and surprisingly on the road. I arrived home after 4.5 hrs of riding and still felt fresh enough to go do some laundry. strange for a mountain ride huh...

Sunday morning I called Mike from Darkhorse for trail conditions and he told me not to bother coming up to Stewart. His exact words were "it's underwater". Unless we have a major drought in the next couple weeks looks like it's gonna be a wet 40. Bring the bug spray kids they have skeeters the size of hummingbirds over there.
Looking at the clouds I could see the impending doom on the horizon and not wanting to go through the hour long cleaning ritual decided to take the rigid single over to cannonball. The first 45 went well enough but then I fell apart. My hands started to hurt and so did my neck, I had to convince myself to continue, Then the monsoons started. Talk about demoralized. My XDX tires that were so good through the race season stuck to nothing at this place, turns out they suck on wet rock, who knew. The day ended up being pretty nice once the rain stopped and I actually allowed myself to get some pics mid ride (normally a major no no). I fear my rigid days may be coming to a close my body is sore and It doesn't have to be. Just have to learn how to ride these damn gears though....

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