Monday, July 20, 2009

Thursday night, 7:00pm. The plan. 6hrs for Chris than 6hrs for me.....

Text message, 5:32pm Saturday.

......Its over, I sucked. Sorry.......

It always sucks when you let your team down and this was a disappointing as ever. Chris Ledonne buried himself for 6 straight hours while I sat around waiting for him to finish so I could take my turn only to suck a big egg. I could tell right from the first lap I didn't have it and it was going to be a sufferfest... I tried but I failed..

I could make a bunch of excuses saying how I had the wrong tires, I don't know the bike well enough or my fueling plan was totally flawed but the truth is that if you're flying in February it's gonna hit you around July like a great big frying pan in the face.

I just have a hard time pushing right now and most of my rides turn into me sniffing the daisies or watching the birds. Not that there is anything wrong with that, those rides can be fun but you can't call that training. Not at this level anyway.

The Darkhorse 40 is looming and I don't know how I'm gonna be, I think I have enough base to do well but with these recent results???? who knows
Could be totally embarrassing, stay tuned

hopefully not this embarrassing...


  1. Maybe you need to just sniff the daisies and not worry about training for a little bit? Give the body a short break so you can start building again?

  2. Yeah, gonna take a few days off, havent done that in quite a while. It's just sooooo hard though. good luck @ snow..

  3. I'm coming back from my month plus break...
    I highly recommend it. I am 100% back in love with my mountain bike!