Monday, July 13, 2009

" Looks like I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue"

Err drinking coffee, That's right I decided to try to quit coffee this week somewhat for the health benefits but mostly because of the exorbitant fees charged by dunkin donuts (I added it up and it's over 5 bucks a day). Good idea.. Right...............

Wrong.... I had nothing at the Bulldog rump this weekend. Right from the start I had trouble keeping up with Jesse who put his stamp all over this race. Normally I can at least hang for a while but I was dropped like a bad habit after the first lap. Wanting very badly to pull over and go to sleep on the 2nd lap I had to convince myself to finish this race, and managed to find a slow but sustainable tempo. Roger Foco was gaining on me so on the final lap I decided to give a killer kick and make this lap my fastest, but in doing so I slammed into a large sharp rock. Pffffffft goes the front tire. As I'm putting a tube in Roger goes flying by followed shortly after by Maurice and Waggoner. Shit, 2nd to 5th just like that. Quickly empty my co2 shooter and I'm on my way, Riding with reckless abandon I catch Maurice and Waggoner only to slam into another rock and repuncture the front. That's It, my day is over. I do the walk of shame back to the finish line just in time to see Roger come flying across.

The curse of Kittatinny continues. Two years ago leading the race, bad cramps fell to 5th place. Last year drive side crankarm falls off in the second lap and this year double flat.

Think I'm gonna skip this one next year.....

Next up 12hrs 909? maybe

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