Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Monte flips the script?

Recently I've decided to try my hand at a endurance event (as if a two and a half hour race isn't enough). It all started out with George over at Darkhorse Cycles talking to me about the Shenandoah 100. The stories I have heard, it all sounds like so much fun.

But I've got to tell you I don't think I can do it on a rigid....

Enter the boys at Darkhorse....

After some going back and forth (mostly in my head) I have decided to purchase a suspended bike......Dramatic pause....... I know I'm gonna take a lot of shit over this, and the title of this blog is singlespeedracer. But my body is hurting, Hurting over the beating I have taken on a fully rigid bike for the past five years. Hurting from flying over root packs at mach1 on a eighth of an inch of travel. The funny thing is that I believe that the rigid is good on exactly opposite of what you would think. The more technical = the better for the rigid. The smoother the course you better have some cushy. Maybe its because on the smooth courses you tend to just plow into things where on a super technical ride you need to be so perfect, or maybe its the faster speed on the smoother stuff..Anyway stay tuned...


  1. I don't see anything wrong with having an arsenal to chose from. It's not like your selling your ss. Some day I would like to have a full sus bike too. I think we all want to see you on a squishy bike just to see what will happen. You'er the perfect specimen for this experiment.

  2. i have seen the aforementioned squishy geared machine and i must say it is sweet!!
    awesome about shen! so i guess i should start training? hey where did that beer go?

  3. Not a single squishy! thats a oxymoron.