Monday, March 1, 2010

Cabin Fever

After shoveling for just about all of Thursday, Friday morning I woke up to this.
And this.
The road is out there, somewhere.
Sometimes I start to wonder if I'm training for mountain biking or if mountain biking is training me for life.
When mother nature throws 3 feet of snow your way over 48hrs the word "training" takes on a new meaning. Two a days become three and four a days, "strength" becomes snow removal, A long ride becomes a four and a half hour snowshoe epic just to get a cup of coffee. These are all workouts, shit you not and it is one of the reasons the strongest athletes come from the higher elevations.
I was not aware of the toughening I would experience by moving here. The forced workouts have hit me hard. Lying on the couch last night with my legs throbbing from the 20hr training week I just completed I came to the realization that the mountain will make you strong. It's not the Jersey Shore "look at my pecs" gym type strong. It's the farm boy strong, that the Canadian kids use to kick our asses in hockey strong....
Just hope it works for me....I'm not Canadian ya know.....hoser!

When the dog starts complaining. That's when you know it's been a hard winter.


  1. Brutal weekend of shoveling- with the loss of power and zero heat training took a back seat to survival. Zero time on the bike- GRRRR! Annoying how mother nature gets in the way. Looks like saturday and sunday are going to be good for big miles.

  2. You guys got pounded!

    I caught one of the last flights out of EWR on Thursday to spend the weekend in WY. Came home to no more snow in my yard.

    You should come to CT to ride bikes. Ground is soggy but the roads are clear.

  3. The potential loss of power has me saving my last few days of split wood. If you are planning on Waway? forget it...I've heard CT winter has been easy this year, Gonna have to see how it all plays out in April...

  4. can you come over and shovel off my flat roof?