Monday, March 22, 2010

It came to me in a dream...

I woke up the other day with a new training loop in mind. It would include all of the elements that make up many of the races we do. Fast swoopy doubletrack, fun technical singletrack, a steep and long access road climb, some super raw hike-a-bike stuff and of course some low lying swampy areas.
So this week I made some calls and set up a ride for Saturday. After applying mucho amounts of peer pressure (often relaying false trash talking between them) Chris, Jim and Gerry joined me on this beautiful day. I warned everyone to bring supplies because although I rode the loop in four hours the day before, with a group this large you never know. Fortunately there were no issues to slow us much.
Anyway, without giving away too much... The first real mountain bike ride of the 2010 season went off without a hitch. We all learned in what areas we need to make improvements, and adjustments will definitely be made before race season starts.
Soon it will be tough to get people out on rides like this. The race season will be under way and everyone will be protective of their fitness, not wanting to stretch it on a long adventure trail ride. I for one will continue to ride my monster loop, because I love the epic days...It's what I live for...

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  1. Highlands Trail what? Don't you live in Northern NJ? Drop me a line if your looking for an adventure or more.