Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fair Hill....

The M.A.S.S. opener is on the horizon, Bikeline's race at Fair Hill. Fast, Relatively flat and short (Only 22.5 miles), Fair Hill offers a formidable challenge. The challenge will be in the form of 50+ riders to start the elite race. With names like Eatough, Schalk and Price the race will be competitive to say the least, with me most likely not even sniffing the front.
So why would I go you ask? I love the big fields. the feeling of racing wheel to wheel in large packs of riders is exhilarating. Back off one pedal stroke...Bam someone goes by. Plan your attacks wisely because cracking will leave you at the back. Drop a bottle? Forget it... Who has time to drink anyway?
Two years ago I was 27th, last year 9th, This year who knows? But I will tell you, it'll be fun.....

P.S. Fair Hill is a fair weather race only. So if it rains I will go to Hop Brook (where it will definitely rain) See you somewhere soon.

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