Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend Plans

Heading out on the road today for my traditional Ringwood "baseball field" loop. I'm suppose to be meeting up with another mtb pro for a 3 hour endurance road ride through Greenwood Lake and Harriman state park at 1:30 but it looks like rain and I haven't heard from him yet. Riding alone is good, I don't like being pushed all the time and if you ride with others you end up stopping more often. Stopping is BAD. It always seems like the bigger the group the more flat tires, dropped chains, loose stem bolts, forgotten bottles or gu and your garden variety of minor mechanicals that will put your average heartrate in the can I even call that a workout zone. So I'll go it alone and I'll get one killer of a workout for sure.
This weekend endurance is the theme. I'm thinking of getting a long ride on Saturday with some intensity in the middle probably gonna ride over to Oakland and do the Pedal Sports ride then ride home (about 4hrs total).
Team Bulldog rider Steve Mancuso turned me on to the Pedal Sports guys a couple of weeks ago and their ride is a blast. 1hr 20 min take no prisoners drop ride. Drop rides are fun they are the closest you can get to a race without pinning a number on and we all know I like races...

Heather and the boys, (hope I can leave the tights and arm warmers home)

On Sunday Jocelyn and I are heading up to do Heather Rizzi's 6hr in Schenectady N.Y. This event low key and only 10 bucks, perfect for a Sunday afternoon, perfect for my waning endurance and hopefully perfect weather. Keep your fingers crossed...

Duff Man wants you to line up at the Darkhorse 40

with the 40 coming up in a little less than 2 months my focus is on the longer rides and races....The 40 is the king of all events...You must attend

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