Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Cooooked

Worlds largest frying pan...

Wow what a difference a couple weeks can make, two weeks ago I'm on top of the world winning singlespeed-a-palooza and a few other races and now I'm feeling like shit. Big fat D.N.F. at Williams Lake definitely a low point in the season. It should be no surprise to me, I could smell it a mile away. The stench of starting a season in February has finally caught me and basically knocked me to my knees like a porta john on a hot summer day.
The funny thing is I just want to ride right now. Having the stress of racing every Sunday that I normally thrive off of has gotten to me, pulverizing me and leaving me a semi-broken man. Maybe a slight exaggeration

Oh well maybe its time to repriortize the rest of the season, cutting down on the number of races and focusing on only a few key events sounds good to me right now. The Gallop, Bulldog Rump and the 40 are definite. I would also like to do another 6hr and a hundred miler. I know, I know I said I'm out of that club but by tweaking a few things on the bike and with my fitness, maybe, just maybe I can salvage something out of the rest of this season...


  1. come to shenandoah!! if not for anything bubt the circus it will turn into with our crew!

  2. I'm in the same frying pan man, only I never hit the brilliant form you were rocking over the past couple months.

    It's tough y'know, racing is fun, you want to do it every chance you get, then, before you know it, you end up ground down to a bloody stump.

    I may see you at the SMT100.