Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Day 1. Whole 30

Woke up knowing I need to change. Another sleepless night led to this decision. 176 lbs on the scale is eye opening enough. 
First thing in the morning I decided I was gonna do a whole 30. Other recent attempts at "cleaning up my diet" have failed. Too loose for me. I'm better with structure. Dumped out all three beers that remained in the fridge and trashed the remaining granola. The granola has been giving me the shits anyway. In the last few years I've begun to realize that I'm some sort of oat intolerant. Doesn't keep me from trying though. 
The beer. Uggh!!!
Beer has been a part of my life almost every day since I turned 21. It's a rite of passage for me. End of the day activity. Also a bad habit. I once did 5 years without any beer at all. It started as a competition between a buddy and I. Who could go the longest... I won. 
The first few years of racing without beer I had hit a level that was truly amazing for me. Then one day I woke and thought "what's the point?" 
I actually amaze myself that I can hit such a high level racing, all the while consuming 3 to 4 beers a night. Hell, I've won quite a few races hung over. On the flip side, I've had quite a few fails also. 
I'm hoping the whole 30 can help me reset. This is what it claims to do. I realize (and I'm warned) that there are rough days ahead. I'm ready. -M

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