Thursday, November 19, 2015

Whole 30. Day 10.

The urge to quit the whole 30 is high now. I've been told that days 10 thru 14 are the hardest. It's true. Grumpy as hell. Craving all kinds of stuff. Only knowing that eating or drinking those things will lead to regret. I've broken protocol and been sneaking peeks at the scale. Whole 30 says "no weighing yourself". My pants seem looser but I've not lost much at all. That's a bummer. Riding the bike yesterday was like, umm, kind of like I've never raced a bike a day in my life. Legs wouldn't spin. Legs wouldn't mash. Hurt to stand. Hurt to sit. You get the picture.
 To add to the grump factor, I was walking the dog and noticed a tree leaning toward the house. It's in my yard and dead. It's beyond calling anyone. Imminent doom!  I can't tell if it's gonna slam, graze or miss completely. It's gonna come down today. High winds and rain forecasted. The only consolation is its tall and very skinny. We'll see, I guess. -M

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