Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 5. Whole 30.

I'd like to tell you that the whole 30 has been tough so far but the fact is it hasn't. Maybe if my normal diet consisted of fast food and cereal it would, but I'm pretty much a meat and potato guy anyway. I'm used to cooking breakfast before work. No adjustment there. The thing I thought I miss the most (beer) hasn't really even crossed my mind this week. I've been going to bed earlier. Mostly just to take advantage of the extra sleep. As a matter of fact, I woke this morning half hour before the alarm. Bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm not riding much now anyway and it rained quite a bit this week so I've not felt the dreaded bonk from the carbohydrate depletion. 
Thursday was the best day this week (day 4). I felt great. Today my energy is high but the back pain is lingering. Tapering my optimism a bit. I was kind of hoping for a great metamorphosis but maybe it's not to be. Jocelyn tells me "the first two weeks are miserable". I can't say that, but I haven't experienced any euphoria either. 
She's doing a whole 30 now too. We're doing it together so the added pressure to not fail is there. I'm committed. I've seen her accomplish amazing things following this program. I'm hoping it helps me too. 
Looks like I'm going for a couple longer/harder rides this weekend. I'm told that pineapple juice or apple juice (unsweetened and organic) is allowed. As well as figs, dates or Lara bars for fueling. Gotta hit the store and stock up. 
Excited to see how I'll feel. -M

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