Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sketchy shit!!

Well we took that tree down. The one that was gonna fall on the house. My buddy Dave came over and immediately declared "I don't feel comfortable cutting that" Thanks to the whole 30's  deep long sleep, I dreamed the night before about how to winch it back away from the house then roping it off so it would fall any other way. After much discussion about deductibles vs cost of tree service, planning of escape routes and backyard physics, we decided to give it a go. The hardest/scariest part for me was climbing up 25' or so to get the rigging on the dead tree. I was shaking in fear while holding the ladder. Lol. He did the climbing. Seems someone else being up in the air elicits the same fear of heights response in me as if I were up there. Once the rigging was up, the chain block made short work of this leaning 60 foot oak, pulling it straight in no time. I knew at that point it wasn't going toward the house. From there we tied it off to the side and he set out to notching it. We had a short discussion about the way it would react with three different pulling forces on it. The way it wants to fall, the rigging pulling it up and the rope I'm going to be pulling on. Escape routes were planned, the saw starts and in no time he yells "PULL". I can tell you that standing under a falling oak is way less scary than climbing it. As the tree began to fall I stepped to the side and it slammed to the ground not 10' from where I was standing. Exhilarating!!! 

I'm so glad it's down, the worst thoughts I had, were interestingly enough, that I was gonna have to waste the entire weekend making phone calls and waiting for tree service guys. Being held hostage made me actually consider just letting it fall on the house. I hate that shit!! 
Thanks to my friend Dave for his backwoods experience and daring. 
I owe you one. 
Now we can go ride bikes. -M

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