Wednesday, November 11, 2015


My bike seems to have permanent residence in the back of the Impreza. A blanket thrown over it to keep any passer by from getting too curious. My car also resembles what I would imagine it would look like if I were living in it. The last few weeks I've been working a lot so little things like keeping the car tidy have been ignored. I had planned on riding my bike yesterday but when I got out of work at 1pm it was raining so that didn't happen. Same plan today. Although it's still raining now. 
The whole 30 is going well. Been sleeping a lot. The time change has helped with that also. Last night I was in bed at 7:30. I've not had much trouble with the food on the whole 30. It's pretty much the way I strive to eat anyway. Minus the occasional fuck up. The big thing is the lack of beer. Quite frankly, that hasn't been an issue yet. It'll be a bit strange swapping sugary Gatorade for coconut water but I'm gonna keep my rides short for now to avoid the dreaded bonk. 
My lower back is angry this morning. Probably from laying in bed so much yesterday. Or maybe the layoff since Sunday? Or maybe the weather? I did put the suspension fork on the bike. My rigid experiment seems to get shorter and shorter each year. I know it's faster but the beating seems stupid now. I remember doing 20+ hour weeks on a rigid. Those days are gone. I like not having tingling in my fingers and it's just too much on the upper back. 
As I write the sky looks like it's clearing. I'm getting excited knowing in a few hours I'll be on the trail. Coconut water, don't fail me now!! -M

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